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We have been helping DIY brides for over 40 years. We are not brokers, but growers.  We actually grow the flowers ourselves in California, ensuring your flowers are the best they can be. Our years of experience can help guide you through the entire floral process. If you want to read more about planning your own wedding flowers, check out the topics to the left. Otherwise, choose a month below to see what's available during the month of your event and get started.

"The flowers arrived and were beautiful. Thank you for wonderful service and a great product. Your business made it possible for us to have a gorgeous wedding at a fantasitc price! We will definitely recommend you to friends and family. In fact, two of the bride's maids have recently become engaged and it won't be long for another! Out of took care of them both" Roxanne L

Flowers are a wonderful accent to any occasion but often the cost is prohibitively high. Much of the cost is paid to the floral designer for their expertise in designing artful arrangements. This cost can be greatly reduced or eliminated by doing the work yourself. Though the thought frightens many people, putting together an eye pleasing arrangement is actually quite simple. The trick is to use lots of flowers! Remember that the floral designer has to make the most stunning arrangements possible using the least amount of flowers to ensure a good profit. Buying direct from the grower allows you to buy your flowers at a price that enables you to use more flowers than the "pros" and achieve great results.

One caveat however, if you want complex designer type arrangements you will need to use a designer. If on the other hand you want to have eye pleasing arrangements and simple elegance, then you are very capable of doing the work yourself! If you don't feel confident doing all the work yourself , hire a florist to do the "scary" pieces and concentrate on the table arrangements. Perhaps a friend or relative can help; its amazing what a few creative people or 'Martha Stewartites' can accomplish! They can contribute their labor as a wedding gift to you.

We have been growing quality flowers for 40 years. Over the years we have been recommended by the Wall Street Journal as best value, as the best source for roses, Real Simple Magazine rated us an "A" and we are also featured in numerous bridal publications inluding "Bridal Bargains." We were awarded the Couple's Choice award by WeddingWire for 2013 and 2014. We were selected for The Knots Best of in 2008, 2009 and 2010. WeddingWire awarded us a Bride Choice Award for 2010 and 2011.

But the main reason to choose us is that unlike so many of our competitors, we actually grow the flowers we sell and specialize in weddings. Handling wedding flowers direct to the consumer is not an after thought, it is our focus. We understand the importance of bridal flowers and stake our reputation on each and every order. We can't grow everything so what we do not grow ourselves we buy from other local growers, not faceless brokers or multinational corporations. This allows us to have a relationship with our fellow growers and that ensures that barring problems thrown at us by Mother Nature, our supply is steady. Value, consistency and dependability are the reasons you should choose us.

We have been providing premium flowers to the wholesale and retail trade for 40 years and our experience goes into each order. Over the years we have seen common problems and know how to help you navigate around them. Below are five tips for prospective flower buyers.

Choose flowers that are in season and be flexible on the colors. Flowers are subject to the whims of nature. The shade of pink you saw at the florist shop in March may be different in June. The best way to save money is to pick a color scheme and some basic types of flowers and let us help with the final decision. If there is a problem, we will let you know. Delphiniums for example can be wiped out by bad weather. If you insist on delphiniums anyway, the price will be very high for poor quality. However Larkspur may have been unscathed and be plentiful with good quality at a fair price and the flowers look very similar. Remember that we have been doing this a long time! Accessing the grower means you have an 'insider' looking out for you.

Start by clicking on the month of your event or the month you are thinking about from the links in the pull down menu above or from the links below. You can also search by colors so for example, in the search field type "yellow March flowers" and links to flowers that are available in March and also yellow will result. The picture may show pink flowers, but that is just the stock photo for that flower, it may have yellow as a color choice. You can add items to the cart to see what the total cost would be, dont worry you cannot accidentally buy anything so play around and dive in!

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